Value Checklist

Service Provided USM-e Other recycling service
Yes No Sort of Not Sure
Barcode Labeling and scanning of all pallets of inbound equipment yes      
For all individual pieces of equipment:
Barcode labeling and scanning yes      
Computerized tracking throughout the recycling process by item serial number yes      
Instant updating of current status to web-based database yes      
Ability to verify real-time recycling status via internet by item serial number yes      
Data erase verification... even while erasure is in process yes      
Location of resale inventory by warehouse pallet position and item number yes      
Remarketable revenue share up to 80/20 in customer’s favor yes      
Conversion of non-remarketable items to commodity status yes      
Availability of complete mass balance report yes      
Ability to view current recycling status of any/all equipment online yes      
Ability to download reports as either functioning Excel files or reproducible PDFs yes      
Value 100% 36%

Certifications: IRSI, RIOS, ISO, AAA, ITAR