Remote Controlled Recycling

The great part about a company-wide computer refresh is all the exciting new equipment in everyone's office. The not-so-great part is getting the replaced equipment out of all those remote offices and into a qualified recycler.

Easy Recycling of 100 Computers in 100 Different Locations

Now you can avoid the hassles of trading out one or two pieces of electronic equipment in multiple remote locations with a single call to USMe.

One Contact.  One Operation.  One Charge.

USMe will send the necessary shipping containers, each identified with its specific tracking number, to each of your locations, along with packing materials and instructions. Local personnel have only to put the replaced equipment in the supplied containers(s), and call UPS for a pickup.

You can choose between any of USMe's three recycling services for your equipment: i) full audit and remarket, ii) full audit and scrap or iii) bulk scrap only. All data on all hard drives is destroyed, either through USMe's proprietary three-step Purge™ process on equipment destined for remarketing, or through total shredding of all equipment.

A single per-container charge covers the cost of recycling, all packing materials and all transportation.

A Perfect Chain of Custody

UPS ships the equipment to USMe. The progress of each container from every remote location can be tracked using UPS on-line tracking, so you'll know when each piece arrives at a USMe facility.

As each of your shipments arrives, its contents is bar coded and its individual information entered into USMe's proprietary Kaleidoscope software, the data management engine of the exclusive Data Shield reporting system.

You can then track the status of each piece of equipment's disposition on-line, any time, 24/7.

Complete Recycling Record

Details of the final disposition of each piece of equipment received from your locations, identified by brand, model, serial number and asset tag when provided, is available on-line, or through downloaded pdf documents or Excel files as soon as the equipment enters USMe's recycling system. A final Certificate of Destruction, along with detailed supporting documentation, is issued for all received equipment when recycling has been completed.

As If Certified Quality Was
Next Door to All Your Doors

The Remote Controlled Recycling Program is like having a fully-qualified, service-focused AAA-NAID Certified (only 7 currently are nationwide) recycling company next door to each of your remote locations. Only you get to put them all to work with a single contact to USMe.

Contact USM-e to learn more.

Certifications: IRSI, RIOS, ISO, AAA, ITAR