Recycling Programs

Clients can select as many or as few services as any individual recycling program requires, accurately aligning costs with specific needs. The total investment in recycling is minimized. Direct and indirect ROI is maximized.

Equipment that has become obsolete in one environment often has value in a variety of others.  USMe’s trained, experienced and state-of-the-art equipped technicians audit each potentially remarketable item to verify its functionality and grade its appearance.  Equipment deemed to have sufficient marketplace appeal is made available to USMe’s nationwide network of professionally qualified resellers, who in turn market it to companies, institutions and individuals.  All revenue received from this activity is shared with customers at predetermined ratios.

Equipment that has no remarketing value or is specifically designated for destruction, is manually dismantled, separated into commodity classes (metal, plastic, glass) and each commodity is sent to downstream vendors for complete recycling and re-use.

Hard drives removed from components are registered by serial number and then shredded in USMe’s dedicated hard drive shredding equipment.

Certifications: IRSI, RIOS, ISO, AAA, ITAR