Making World-Class Recycling Even More Valuable

USMe customers know more about what’s happening with their recycled electronic assets than companies using any other supplier.

USMe’s proprietary Data Shield Service, powered by the exclusive Kaleidoscope Supervisory Software System, lets USMe customers know... instantly, at any time:

  • Precisely where every piece of their consigned equipment is
  • Exactly what’s happening to any single piece – while it’s actually happening!
  • Where each piece ended up and when

And All This Information is Provided:

  • On customer-defined schedules – view anytime 24/7.
  • In customer-friendly report designs – all, and only, the information you want and need to know
  • In downloadable Excel or printable pdf formats – sort the data your way or print what you see on line.

The biggest issue for anyone responsible for disposing of obsolete electronic assets isn’t the recycling part. There are lots of companies that can handle the recycling…although not many as well as USMe.

What there aren’t lots of are companies that provide the breadth, depth and sheer volume of information needed to support the selection of any one vendor and to verify, to the satisfaction of any concerned third party, that the recycling was done properly.

For that, no single Certificate of Destruction can ever replace the potential library of precise, exact, thorough, relevant and immediate information provided by USMe as part of its recycling program, at prices that are at parity with almost all less well-documented alternatives.

For no additional investment, you’ll never have to put your faith in a single piece of paper again. No other recycling company can tell you as much about the current status of your to-be-recycled equipment, as quickly and as accurately. There is virtually no question anyone could ask that would have to go unanswered.

Useable Information. Not Merely Lots of Data.

The only downside to too much data is when it all comes at once. Kaleidoscope Supervisory Software substitutes “data dumping” with Customerized reporting: the information you need, presented in easily reviewable formats, available whenever you need to see it, and downloadable for your individual analysis.

Reports can be viewed electronically, downloaded as pdfs, or downloaded as Excel files for local manipulation of the data.

Not Just Real Time; but In-Progress Reporting.

The Data Shield status capture system is web integrated. As each piece of equipment passes through the USMe recycling process, its status is automatically updated in an online database to which each USMe customer has individual, password-protected access. You can know exactly where every piece of consigned equipment is, from the moment it arrives on a pallet, as it moves through remarketing evaluation and resale or is reduced to bite-sized pieces of commodity-grade raw materials.

Seeing is Believing

For the pathologically skeptical, or those with just a higher level of curiosity, USMe provides the special ability to watch our in-house recycling processes in action on any computer. With proper scheduling, customers can watch their individual equipment travel through the shredding process.

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Certifications: IRSI, RIOS, ISO, AAA, ITAR