About Us

Unlike many of its competitors who evolved into electronic recycling, USMe had the rare opportunity to design its systems, processes and facilities using a “clean sheet of paper”, and a deep knowledge of the inadequacies of others’ methods

USMe design criteria was to achieve the high level of security, reliability, thoroughness and attention to detail required by the stringent local, state and federal rules and regulations governing the proper disposition of end-of-life electronic equipment, and the severe consequences for failure to comply.

USMe grades its day-to-day operation on how well it:

  1. Lowers the customer’s net cost of recycling
  2. Reassures the customer that their consigned electronics were processed properly, that no confidentiality was compromised and that whatever payments might be due were correct and complete.

A critical element within the USMe design is flexibility; aligning which services are to be provided and the manner of their delivery to satisfy the specific, if even unique, requirements of each customer. Doing well what the customer needs done, and not just what the company does well, is the true mark of expertise…the expertise at the heart of USMe.

USMe is a specialty division of Universal Scrap Metals (USM), one of America’s premier scrap material wholesalers, providing recycling services for ferrous and non-ferrous metals of all kinds, plus initial processing of used aluminum beverage cans. The principle facilities of both USM and USMe are located within the industrial core of Chicago, IL.

Certifications: IRSI, RIOS, ISO, AAA, ITAR